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“Great is the LORD, and greatly to be praised; and his greatness is unsearchable.” Psalm 145:3

The extent of our concept of the majesty of God and all of His inconceivable attributes, will have a direct relationship in our response to God, and will determine the commitment and dedication of our life, worship, and walk with God.

What man thinks about God and the truths and principles of His Word will not alter or change the reality and verity of them one bit. Let’s focus on the God of creation as one aspect of His greatness. Our thoughts need to extend beyond the fact that God performed creative acts. We need to grasp the fact that HE IS THE CREATOR, a fact that is basic to our Christian living. Our concept of God is to worship, what the foundation is to the temple. When the foundation is out of plumb, the whole structure will sooner or later collapse. I believe that improper spiritual growth and a shallow spiritual walk are directly related to a poor and improper concept of God. Too few Christians walk in a “holy and reverential fear of God” that comes from a basic concept of WHO GOD IS!

Extract from Dare to Trust Devotional © 2007 by Ed Powell; posted daily on our  Facebook page Faithful Steward Ministries

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