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Mission Update 1st Quarter CY 2018 06 April 2018

Dear Supporters and Friends in Christ: For many it has been quite some time since you last heard from us so please bear with me much has happened in the past few months. The big change to announce is my longtime friend and someone we have been praying about for many years, Tony was finally… Continue reading Mission Update 1st Quarter CY 2018 06 April 2018

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The Houston Miracle

As we at Faith Builders Ministry prepare to head back to Houston next week, first to help out a few friends on our own, then to partner with 8DOH for a couple of weeks; I thought I would share the video that DRUSA had made of our recent trip in the beginning of February: Find… Continue reading The Houston Miracle

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Houston Relief Feb 2018

This smiling bunch of folks was my team (crazy as it sounds they put me in charge) minus one who I guess was camera shy that day for our week long rebuilding effort in greater Houston. Tony and I arrived early and went and visited with many folks who I had helped when I was… Continue reading Houston Relief Feb 2018

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Houston and Puerto Rico Rebuilding Fund

    As many of you know Faith Builders Ministry was very busy last year with many disaster relief missions. None more involved or important as the weeks we spent in Houston and my wife's native area, Puerto Rico. We at FBM are committed to help rebuild these areas and the lives of those effected… Continue reading Houston and Puerto Rico Rebuilding Fund