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Water Heater Blues

If you are like millions of Americans you have one of these Honeywell valves attached to your Gas hot water heater and they are forever prone to failure and issues. Mine was no exception and recently it finally crapped out for good. Let me tell you 2 days without hot water is no fun. Well… Continue reading Water Heater Blues

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Two Months of Blessings

I realized this morning that it had been 2 months since I had posted and update on what Tony and I had been doing since our return from Washington and Run for the Wall. To say we have been busy would be and understatement, to not acknowledge God's abundant blessing in all this would be… Continue reading Two Months of Blessings

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The Houston Miracle

As we at Faith Builders Ministry prepare to head back to Houston next week, first to help out a few friends on our own, then to partner with 8DOH for a couple of weeks; I thought I would share the video that DRUSA had made of our recent trip in the beginning of February: Find… Continue reading The Houston Miracle

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West Virginia Disaster Relief Update **Help Wanted**

FBM was scheduled to go to McMechen, W.V.  18-23 March 2018 and help with the recovery. The disastrous flooding that occurred last year, has gone all but unnoticed by the media and national recovery organizations. Unfortunately, the team we were partnering with, suffered a set back when Pastor Steve had a stoke in Med January.… Continue reading West Virginia Disaster Relief Update **Help Wanted**

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Houston and Puerto Rico Rebuilding Fund

    As many of you know Faith Builders Ministry was very busy last year with many disaster relief missions. None more involved or important as the weeks we spent in Houston and my wife's native area, Puerto Rico. We at FBM are committed to help rebuild these areas and the lives of those effected… Continue reading Houston and Puerto Rico Rebuilding Fund